Recipe #14: Pesto Lasagna





The Story:  Growing up, one of my favourite comfort foods was always lasagna…and specifically my mom’s lasagna.  I tried (for about 3 hours) to follow a vegan diet many years ago but quickly jumped ship & one of the main reasons it was so short lived:  cheese!  When I thought about introducing more vegan meals into my diet over the last few months, one of the things I knew I’d have to find a recipe for was lasagna.  And – I have to say that I love this recipe!  Especially since I started adding the pesto for extra flavour/moisture…mmmm.

For years, though, lasagna was always a good that intimidated me.  Similar to pie crusts, haha.  They’re items I love to eat…but have avoided making at all cost.  Then, a few years ago while my parents were visiting, I sweet talked my mom into coming over for dinner so she could show me her tried, tested & true recipe!  I LOVE learning new recipes from someone (rather than from a cookbook.)  That way, if there are questions about how something is supposed to look or how much extra this or that to add – – you have a built in expert right there!  I always think of that now when I use yeast or make pie crust (yes, i finally faced my fear) – – both have certain steps that would be really hard to explain & so I feel forever lucky that my momma walked me through those steps (with yeast it’s how hot the water should be – – way hotter than I would’ve imagined!  And with pie crust it’s how mealy the dough should be.)  Anyway – – here’s a photo of my mom & I baking a lasagna in my tiny studio apartment back in early 2015 ❤ ❤


Recipe Tips:  This recipe is pretty flexible – provided you have the basics (tomato sauce & noodles, really.)  You could add in any veggies you want…sometimes I’ll grate carrots & add them.  One of the main tips I’d have is to ensure you have lots of moisture/liquid for the Express noodles & to monitor throughout the baking as we’ve had a few times when the noodles around the edge have become pretty….*cough….crispy, hahah.  I also made the hummus from scratch this time which I really enjoyed (one less bit of processed food!)  I made a really simple recipe – basically just the “black bean dip” recipe from a few days ago but with chickpeas instead of black beans.  And lots of extra garlic/garlic powder.

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